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Xavier Bernazard – Hero Song

Xavier Bernazard is a latinx, a non-binary queer punk rock artist born & raised in Caguas, Puerto Rico who weaves magic into their tracks. Their tracks conveys deep emotions in the form of expressions that touch heart, making the listeners cry, laugh, feel love, pain. They are slowly becoming the face and the source of inspiration for all his listeners. Their music vividly portrays their deep musical skills that resonates with their vibe. Their tracks always have a bigger picture to portray that gives out a hope to keep growing and keep looking forward.

Xavier Ber

Xavier Bernazard recently released a single which is named ‘Hero Song’ which is one of their best collaboration that features ‘The Deadly Beloved’. The musical and lyrical aspect of the track is pretty tight and intact. The keys which are beautifully intertwined with gentle acapella makes this track even more magical. They are a pure magician who does their magic on a track and turns it into a masterpiece. The track is full of melodic elements that will surely leave you astounded. The track beautifully uses electric guitar, magical keys, and deeply heartfelt drums. The track will surely fill you up with energy to concur the whole world. The vocals are beautifully executed to provide the track with just the right amount of impact. This is one of those magical tracks that take birth only once or twice in a decade. This track is surely highly recommended. Do give it a listen.

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