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Change In The Weather cover art
Change In The Weather cover art

Podge Lane – Change In The Weather | Heart Touching

Podge Lane is an artist who blends folk and alt-country with beauty. Based in Cork City, Podge Lane creates music that touches the heart. He started out on his musical journey on his own and released his first original in 2018 with his debut singles; ‘The Dark’ and ‘Move on’. This is an artist who surely knows how to put deep emotions into words that digs deep into the emotional lane. You will be amazed by this young artist’s deep sense of musicality and lyricism that is packed with heart-felt emotions. This is an artist to be explored by everyone who enjoy slow-paced music and vocals that sound like the mellow bliss of October wind.

I recently came across this artist through his latest release which is named ‘Change In The Weather’. The track is a powerful and moving track from the singer-songwriter genre. The combination of heartfelt music and deep, meaningful lyrics is truly enchanting. The song tells a story of deep emotions and feelings that are relatable to many people. The artist’s use of melody and instrumentation is masterful, creating a sense of longing and depth that draws the listener in. The songwriting is poignant and evocative, making it easy to connect with the lyrics on a personal level. The guitars justify the deep lyrics and the beautiful vocals. It’s a must-listen for anyone who appreciates meaningful and heartfelt music. Do give this track a go, trust me you will not be disappointed. You can catch a little glimpse of the track Change In The Weather by Podge Lane here-

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