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Casey Wells – Moving On | Deep leap of hope

Casey Wells is known for creating infectious songs that he writes, records and produces in Charleston, SC. He is versatile artist and surely projects that heavily through his discography through a range of genres including folk, progressive rock, singer-songwriter and alternative pop. This artist can surely bind you in a spell and send you to a whole different realm through his deep lyrics and exquisite musicality. Do give this artist a go and trust me you won’t be able to leave your seat before listening to all of his amazing tracks.

This artist recently released a single which is named ‘Moving On’ and is surely one of his best works yet. The track starts off with a soothing guitar rhythm where the vocals slowly start to kick in. The vocals flow in like a riptide on a summer afternoon. The way the vocals bring this track to life is remarkable. He surely never misses to surprise his listener’s with his amazing musicality. The song has intense emotions spined with its intricate lines. This is one of those track that can keep on playing on repeat and I wouldn’t get tired of it. The track is beautifully structured and delivered with the same intense emotions with which it was written.

This is surely a track that everyone should listen to! Do give this track a chance and you will find yourself humming Casey’s tracks day and night. This is surely an artist worth the effort! You can catch a little glimpse of ‘Moving On’ by Casey Wells here-

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