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Arrow Santi – The Ca$H Tape | Melodic Epitome

Arrow Santi is a rapper from Long Island, NY who is loved and honored for his versatile way of blending melodies into his razor-sharp bars. Most of tracks are upbeat and positive. The energy that this young artist projects is exceptional. Arrow Santi portrays a vivid discography of 15 singles and a full length album which is a perfect mix bag for any mood or feel. Arrow Santi is one of the most versatile who has made an impression on my personal music taste. This is one of those artists who becomes a drug with every track you listen to. His vocals have a wide range of delivery spices which makes him one of the best rappers out there.

I recently came across Arrow Santi’s latest release which is a full length album with 12 tracks. Each track have their own sauce and a unique ring to them. His flows are smooth and the way he switches his flows might just make your heart skip a beat. The Album is named ‘The Ca$H Tape’ which is one of the best albums I have heard in a while. Each track is a must hear if you are into dark, bassy music. Each track exceeds other in some or the other way making this album a masterpiece which will be heard for decades.

Being a big time distortion lover, my favorite track from the album is ‘Bahama$’ which will surely bang your head like crazy. This is a song that could make a dead crowd mosh. Talking about mosh, the fourth track of the album is ‘MoSH Pit’ which is so power packed that you could break your spine banging to it’s beats. The album goes hard on both lyrical and musical terms.

This album being so long might seem boring but that is exactly opposite of what ‘The Ca$H Tape’ is. The artist projects the peaks of his versatility through each track which is not at all monotonous and can hold a listener to his seat for hours. Dark vibe is a major portion in the first half of the album which gradually shifts to hype tracks. The sixth track is where the hype begins and becomes complete hype till ‘Nu Money’. Arrow keeps up the vibe of the album beautifully through equally powerful verses and melodies in each track.

“‘The Ca$H Tape’ might make you loose touch with reality and get lost in a realm woven by Arrow Santi.”

Arrow has given the album the ending it deserves. This last track is names ‘$Peechless’ which as the name tells, will leave you speechless. This album is a perfect masterpiece with one of the best ending.

Arrow is a magician when it comes to weaving music that has a potential to influence the masses. The artist projects his own unique abilities through each track and stands out of the crowd with a crown on his head. This album is like a perfect rollercoaster ride that goes up and down flipping each passenger’s mind. The album will surely get you grooving through the end. The album has 12 tracks and yet leaves you begging you for more when finished.

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