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Isaac Neilson – Tear This Down | The Groove

Isaac Neilson is an indie-rock artist who brings his music to life with his amazing musicality and superior lyricism. This is surely one of my favorite artists as he weaves music with love and passion. His tracks are always so intricately constructed to deliver the maximum impact. He recently released his fourth single and each of the four tracks are so amazing that it made me skip several heart-beats throughout his 4-song discography. The amount of work he puts into his tracks is clearly visible in his tracks.

He recently released his fourth track and it is named ‘Tear This Down’ which so beautifully spun that you will instantly fall in love with this amazing artist’s art. He surely creates masterpieces that is going to live on for ages. This is a track that has several parts which are so dramatically structured that it will surely bind the listener to their seats throughout. The drums are amazing and the bassline is like a cherry on top. There are several musical elements that are true ear-candies. I really love the guitar riffs, each riff makes me beg for more. The vocals are amazingly delivered and engineered. The vocals carry the track with a little hint of serenity. This is surely a highly recommended track for anyone who appreciates good music.

This is surely a track that everyone should listen. Do give it a try and trust me you won’t regret it! You can catch a little glimpse of the track ‘Tear This Down’ here if you like-

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