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Jane Marie Feat. Jessica Mia- Somebody Out There | Lovely Riptide

Jane Marie is a Songwriter and Composer who started writing songs at a very tender young age. She studied at the London College of Music where she kindled her fire for music. She is one of those artists who spin music that makes your heart melt with their musicality and heart-felt melodies. She recently released her first single and is one of the best debuts that I have come across in this past year. You will surely fall in love with the amazing voice of Jessica Mia that enchants the listeners. These are surely the artists that will be breaking the charts real soon. Hold your hats and enjoy the ride!

Jane Marie has recently released a new single which is a perfect example of how vivid her musicality is. I am impressed by how amazing their debut track sounds. The track is named ‘Somebody out there’ which is a perfect track to play while having a drink after work. This track will surely take you to a place you didn’t even knew existed. The track is a full of examples of how deep and impactful lyrics can be. The track has some amazing harmonies that will blow your mind away. The vocals are deeply hypnotic which will make you fall in a deeper love with Jessica. This is surely a track that will go up on my personal playlist and be there for like forever! You will surely love the track if you like to listen to tracks with a deep sense of musicality.

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