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Franklin & Bell – The Weekend(Ft.-Fiya Maine)

Franklin & Bell is the creative duo of Chris Franklin and Cally Bell. Chris is a lifetime musician who plays piano, writes and produces, and Cally is a poet who only started songwriting and singing five years ago. Their songs are mostly compositions out of their experiences. Their music addresses a lot of social issues but they always manage to include a positive message in their lyrics. Their music is bound to cheer you up. Chris loves funk, soul, fusion, and jazz. Cally loves musical theatre, pop, and R&B. Franklin & Bell is the beautiful collision of both these worlds.

Their latest release is ‘The Weekend’ which has a feature from Fiya Maine. Chris being the musician has done a great job. The song is perfectly arranged and structured. The vibe of the song is upbeat and will surely make you wanna groove through the music. The chorus is catchy and made me sway side to side. Cally’s vocals are smooth and heavily processed making it sound even better. The crystal clear vocals are like a cherry on top of the ice cream. The featured artist, Fiya Maine raps some strong lyrics which is perfectly in sync with the music. The song is like a joyful bliss. Listening to ‘The Weekend’ makes me smile ear to ear. There are various flows in the rap part which retain your interest throughout the song. The lyrics are joyful and upbeat full of energy. The drum patterns are appealing when so cleverly positioned with soothing bell sounds.

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