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Shae Brock-Mary Jane
Shae Brock-Mary Jane
Shae Brock-Mary Jane

Shae Brock-Mary Jane | Entice

Shae Brock might not be your everyday rockstar. She’s got dreams, the voice to achieve them and a consciousness that has a great sense of melody and symphonies. Her new song is called Mary Jane, and is an exploration in indie with blues derivatives.

Writing in the song with bass, it sounds like the intro of Planet Caravan by Sabbath. Riding the crest of that high, Shae hums and whispers in the intro. The song is about the elusive Mary Jane, and Shae’s clear voice strikes with a crispness and clearness, no editing involved. The minimal instruments gather for the chorus, after which we’re knee deep into the track.

The guitars sound great, and I wish the flourishes were highlighted a little more. The balance is achieved anyhow, and the sparse theme continues to astonish. The distortion post the second bridge seemed like disturbance due to the mids, but that has to do with the production. Shae has done a fantabulous job of populating parts of the track that require the vocals, with a nice touch at the end.

If you want more of Shae Brock’s music, take a trip and listen to Blue as well, her single from earlier this year. The composition work is surreal and it seems to be a fan favorite as well. The song may be about Mary Jane but it’s Shae Brock’s voice that doesn’t seem to leave our minds.

Listen to her enticing single here:

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