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Simon Chenet-Mimile et Toctoc | Castle magic

Simon Chenet is a titan right now in world music independent artist playlists. His newest album Le jour des vermeilles has been an instant hit, a multi-course meal of some of the most stylish and transcendent tracks. Call it jazz, new world, pop or folk-there is a melting pot of sound here. This is Mimile et Toctoc, a single from his latest album.

With a salsa style beat, Simon brings a chunk of the world to us with his composition. There is a mix of jazz and world flavours that are evident, while this wave of joy is surfed on. There is a magic in the layers as well, and the changes are exhilarating. I could talk about how interesting this album is overall, but we don’t have all day. People rarely read this, they are here for the music. Simon Chenet knows how to engage a massive cross-section of the audience with one, spicy and tangy song. Break or not, any silence in this track is building to something richer.

Listen to this album to know what really is the filter here, it is a cultural monolith. This song is a great example of how to translate a deep groove with just the power of interpretation. Listen to the single here:

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