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Honeycub – Can't Deny It
Honeycub – Can't Deny It

Honeycub – Can’t Deny It | Light Grungy Blast

Can’t Deny It is the latest single from dazzling UK alternative indie rock band Honeycub. Hailing from Leeds in northern England, the band consists of Ollie Wilson on vocals/guitars, Eddie Dawson on bass, and Charlie Lord on drums. The band mixes the sound of alternative grunge with an indie and modern rock sound. They have influences from Radiohead, Muse, and Royal Blood in their music. Of course, they mix these roots with their own unique take and sound which is signature to them.

The song runs for about less than four minutes. And in this duration, it manages to pack a tight punch. The song starts with light fuzzy guitars. These turn into full blown heavy punk style guitar chords with a heavy rock drum beat. The verses with a sparse arrangement then enter. Laid back vocals sweep in with character, grit, and personality. These have light vocal harmonizations at the end of every other phrase. Muted guitar rhythm playing backs the verses in this sweetly sculpted Honeycub song.

A heavy intro riff and harmonized vocals form the chorus. This gives the feel of a wall of guitars, a sweet rocking wall of sound coming onto you. A wave of rock if you will! We get a guitar solo with a very synth like processed tone which is quite unique and indie touch to the song. The guitars have an almost grungy feel. While the lyrics themselves is calm and laid back. The sound of the band might remind one of The Smashing Pumpkins, especially with the sweeping rhythm guitar sound. Can’t Deny It by Honeycub is a fascinating indie alternative song in the tradition of garage rock.

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