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Surrender The Hope-192020
Surrender The Hope-192020
Surrender The Hope-192020

Surrender The Hope-192020 | Blitz

I don’t know if you’ve ever wondered how much a black hole will weigh. I have, and I think I have an idea today. I could say with certainty that it was a lot, but it’s about 192020 tons. Which is also the weight and name of Surrender the Hope’s latest single.

 After you’ve rejected my bullshit baseless science fact that I used as a plug for their song, lets get down to brass tacks. Surrender The Hope were on hiatus for quite a while, but they’ve shown us nu-metalcore never left them. 192020 features killer heavy riffs with some very cool flourishes, at least at the beginning. I was hoping for more of it-but was instead introduced to a wall of guitar djent.

It might sound like another metalcore song, but I assure you it is not. There has been great progress in Surrender the Hope’s sound quality and musical arrangements since the last time. The individual experiences are to be noticed as well, with the lyrics carrying astronomical weight along with those riffs. As expected, the drums pierce through the veil of mediocrity and offer a solid iron-core backbone for this track. The growling is also top shelf, the mid-section echoing with the fury.

I for one, hope to get a lot more of Surrender the Hope in the coming year. Listen to their monster singles Chapters as well till then, and their journey with Liquid Dissolution.

Pedal to the metal with 192020:

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