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Meggy Katigbak – God Save The World

Meggy Katigbak is a pop-broadway singer, songwriter and composer who’s latest single is titled, “God Save The World”. Featuring soaring vocals and a great composition, this song would fit perfectly in a Disney movie soundtrack.

Reminiscent of Idina Menzel on Frozen, Meggy’s powerful vocals sounds like something straight out of a movie. With only a grand piano as the accompaniment in the first verse, Meggy asks God to spare his people from pain. The lyrics sound like they are out of a gospel collection, offering the listener the promise of hope and light through difficult times.

How can a feature film sounding track not have a strong scale change to give you goosebumps? Meggy has done an amazing job structuring this song in a very effective way. The cinematic drum fillers during the interlude heighten the Godlike sensibility Meggy intends to curate through the song.

The last chorus accentuates the gospel like feeling that builds up throughout the course of the song; definitely worth giving an ear to. In some ways, the progression of the music to grandeur is akin to being lifted up from the earthly experience to connect closely with a higher power.

Imagine sitting in a broadway space and have your ears inundated with the a powerful combination of lyrics and acoustics — close your eyes and enjoy that lush string section. Hard to not experience magic.

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