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Tabor – Games | A Star in Making
Tabor – Games | A Star in Making

Tabor – Games | A Star in Making 

Tabor is an upcoming singer/songwriter and musician from Greenwich, New York. Tabor has been writing songs since schooldays and teaching himself to produce his own songs is one of his favorite things. His music is a dreamy representation of modern folk-pop with a fairly new style of lyrics writing. Tabor’s songs are about the problems a person faces in their mid-life. His debut album “Games” is also about growing up and maturing looked through as a relationship. 

Tabor released several singles before his debut album and gained quite a good audience. “Games” is his first full-length album that features 12 songs and has a run time of about 40 minutes. All of his songs are produced in his little home studio which gave him independence to go wild with his art. 

Talking about some songs from the album in detail. The first song in the album is called “Feels like Summer”, by the title u can guess it’s a song about summertime. The song starts with a very stranger vocoder-like sound effect that sets up the chord progression for the song. Soon the purely beautiful vocals of Tabor start with a synth and some pads. The pre-chorus is where the song starts to lift up, with bass on drums and more layers on vocals. The drop before the chorus is just amazing with drums and high-pitched vocals. “Feels like Summer” is made so perfectly made, with its crazy lyrics and amazing pop vibes it really gives the feel of summer.

The next song in the album is called “New York’s Not Home”. The song starts with a random soundscape of some vehicles passing by. A rising note on what sounds like a marimba followed by an amazing piano and acoustic guitar intro. The vocals begin right after the intro, the melody is just beautiful and the voice of Tabor is so soothing and perfect, one can listen to him all day. “New York’s Not Home” is purely a love song that is so soulful and mesmerizing. 

“Games” is an album with songs for every emotion we feel in our everyday life. The songs are super relatable and are made with pure brilliance. The whole vibe of the album is just out of the world, Tabor has done some fantastic work and it’s just a beginning for him. He made a dream debut with “Games” and it’s highly recommended to go and listen to the whole album once. 

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