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Glenn Valles – A Troubled Mind | Resonating Rock Music

Glenn Valles is an Indian songwriter and producer who possesses the exceptional ability to move listeners with his compositions. As one of the most sought-after composers worldwide, he has won various International Songwriting Awards (USA/UK/Ireland/Australia), spanning multiple genres such as country, rock, rap, hip-hop, EDM, and reggae. Glenn’s songs have been chosen for several major Hollywood action movies, long-running reality TV shows, or even brand new TV series pilot episodes for major broadcast networks. Experts in the international music industry have praised Glen for his inventiveness and songwriting prowess. By combining profound metaphoric imagery with arresting sonic impact, Glenn Valles conveys the experience of living each day with vitality and purpose.

Glenn has come up with a new soulful single called ‘A Troubled Mind.’ Excellent melodies and outstanding guitar playing combine to create a tune that masterfully blends parts of Rock and Blues into an excellent piece! This Mumbai-based artist is sure to touch your hearts with such powerful words and soundscape. This song has stood out to me. It’s written in a way you can relate to and openly discuss your struggles and mental health issues. It could connect with anyone because it captures your inner thoughts when you are going through tough times or simply feeling down or having a hard time in life. “I seek some solace all the time, of any nature, of any kind” struck a chord with me. I really can’t recommend this song enough. It has a killer hook with top-notch guitar work, some seriously emotive lyrics, and raw vocals. Trust me. You’ll be hitting repeat on this one.

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