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Stacey Jackson – Urgent | Highly Energetic

Stacey Jackson is a mother, composer, and businesswoman. She soared to stardom after beginning her singing career at age 40. Her success serves as an example for stay-at-home mothers. Following the commercial success of her first single, Stacey has since released four albums and more than a dozen singles. She also collaborated with famed rapper Snoop Dogg on the track “Live It Up,” which is now set to be released in June 2021 after being relaunched and remixed. She has also worked with Papa Levi & prolific dance music producers & remixers such as C-Rod and Dave Audé. 

After enjoying the success of ‘Flipside,’ she is back with another smash! ‘Urgent’ has everything that takes you back to the 80s. Being a fan of the 80s herself, Stacey has left no stone unturned to make this song so addictive! From her pitch-perfect vocals to powerful, exciting dance music, this song keeps you captivated throughout. The song is the cover version of ‘Urgent’ Foreigner from 1981. It is a real earworm. I can’t help but sing along to it. Stacey’s vocals are amazing and right on the beat. She keeps the mood very upbeat yet intriguing all along. The song has a great bassline, guitar riffs, and drum beats that all mesh together perfectly to create an incredible piece! This catchy tune will have you feeling refreshed and energized in no time. Whether you’re walking for exercise or simply to clear your head, ‘Urgent’ is the perfect soundtrack. So put on your headphones and enjoy the fresh, uplifting vibes of ‘Urgent!’

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