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Love Ghost – Dirty Prixx |Rock Blended with Rap
Love Ghost – Dirty Prixx |Rock Blended with Rap

Love Ghost – Dirty Prixx |Rock Blended with Rap 

Love Ghost is an exceptional alt-rock band from Los Angeles, USA. The band is in the music scene since around 2016 and has grown immensely over the years. With their growing popularity, their music also evolved, blending the elements of alt-rock with trap, pop, and hip-hop, they have quite a unique sounding music.

 Love Ghost consists of five-person, the frontman Finnegan Bell on the lead vocals and guitar, Ryan Stevens on bass and Backing vocals, Daniel Alcala on guitar, Cory Batchler on the keyboard, and Samson Young on the drums. Love Ghost have released several singles and an album that has a song called “Closure” which has more than 2 million streams on Spotify. They back with yet another headbanging song called “Dirty Prixx” in collaboration with an artist named “Bali Baby”. 

Talking about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a cranky and catchy riff on an electric guitar in a harmonizing pattern.  A very loud slide on guitar kicks in the drums and vocals, marking a classic start to a rock song. The song lifts up in the chorus, and the drums and guitar are loud and so crisp, blending with the song well. The intro riff kicks in after the second chorus and Bali Baby comes in with her amazing rap and some trap beats, transforming the whole mood of the song. 

“Dirty Prixx” ends with all the passion of Love Ghost, the song goes wild and proves what the band is capable of. Bali Baby also did an exceptional job on this track, her rap really fits in the song. It is highly recommended to listen to the song. 

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