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12 Notes – Summertime | Country Feels
12 Notes – Summertime | Country Feels

12 Notes – Summertime | Country Feels 

12 Notes is an amazing band that plays a unique style of country rock music. Their music is a blend of the 80s-90s era with a hint of modernness. 12 Notes have made a lot of songs in the past couple of years, each based on a different theme but the taste of country is the same. With his cool cowboy hat, “Lars Lofas” is the lead singer of 12 Notes. Getting inspired by some legendary artists like Keith Urban, Tim McGraw, Blake Shelton, Morgan Walley, and many others, 12 Notes is changing country rock music. 

12 Notes have released a number of singles and an album called “The Little Things”. They are here with yet another masterpiece named “Summertime”. It is a very fun and bright song that gives nostalgia for the amazing summer days. A song that makes you want to dive into a pool or go on a fishing trip. 

Talking about the ingredients of the song in detail. “Summertime” starts with a very fun guitar riff with some shakers to kick off the rhythm. After the intro, drums kick in with bass and piano that lift up the song. Soon the vocals begin and give the song the power it needs, Lars’s vocals are so fine and perfect. The chorus comes in with a solid catchphrase and mesmerizing melody. The song transforms completely after the second chorus, the scale changes with a hard guitar solo that is the heart of the song. 

“Summertime” has a lot to offer and the beauty of its groovy beat and catchy melody is so astounding. 12 Notes have worked so hard on the track and sure their hard work can be heard. It is highly recommended to listen to this song once. 

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