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one night in miami - izoki
one night in miami - izoki

Izoki – One Night in Miami | Spacial Swag

One Night in Miami is the newest single released by producer and artist, Izoki. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois the artist has an undying passion for mixing and mastering music. Izoki uses his sound to showcase his journey and experience through buoyant tunes and his brand of catchy rap.

With deep space synth leaks starting the song, an energetic groove accelerates the tempo and sets the stage for the catchy pop-rap. The effortless savvy rap floods the song with immutable dance energy. The low tonalities, the artist populates the song with the swag and style of Miami.

The infectious beats lining the rap forces movement and makes for the perfect drunk dance song. Alternating between jolly beats and trance space synths, the song portrays the varied artistic personalities of Izoki. An ambivert of a song, the shyness of the inky synths lines the verbose pop-rap and sprinkling it with a refreshing depth.

The artist demonstrates his depth using softer musical textures and blends it with the rough passion inspired by his hustle and life experiences. The song is pumped with spirit and lively energy and makes for a vibrant listening experience.

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