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Daisy Gill – Nothing Out Of Me | Confident

Liverpool-based singer-songwriter and producer, Daisy Gill, known for her pop ballads such as “Save It For A Rainy Day” and “Breaking Down the Walls”, released her latest Pop-EDM track titled, “Nothing out Of Me”. The songwriter, and performer has been writing songs since the age of 11 years old and playing live music since she was 12. She has released quite a few original songs since then, ranging from country music to retro/jazz. Slowly transitioning into pop music after her journey in the UK music scene, her latest release features infectious melodies, energetic beats, and a lot of exciting electronics.

The song opens with Daisy’s powerful voice layered over piano chord stabs and vinyl crackling textures. Her experience as a performer in a variety of genres is evident in her singing; her vocal runs and style seem influenced by jazz music on “Nothing out Of Me”. To me, she sounds a bit like Geike Arnaert from the Belgian band Hooverphonic. She sings in a confident and sultry tone to her partner (I think), saying that she’s not one who can be known for ‘free’ and that they’ll never get anything out of her – “I don’t know about you but you know about me / You think you’ve got me down to a T / Now you know you ain’t getting out of me”.

In addition to excellent vocals and lyrics, “Nothing out Of Me” also has a catchy beat that could get you on your feet easily. Fused with a couple of synths and mellow atmospheric layers, the track has a certain space that allows Daisy’s vocals to be heard effortlessly. The beat also comprises of interesting filler percussions with apt transitions allowing each section to flow right into the next. Daisy’s lush harmonies help in making the lead vocals sound thicker, adding some depth to her voice. Moreover, the 2:51-minute song benefits from a really clean mix that I’m sure will sound great on any speaker system!

Daisy Gill has been releasing songs since 2018 (on Spotify) and her songwriting style has evolved between the various genres she has sung and produced over these years. Having collaborated with producer Chris Taylor and performing at venues such as The Royal Albert Hall and Glastonbury, Daisy has made a name for herself in the independent music circuit in and around Liverpool. I’m sure she has a lot more exciting music for her fans and we can’t wait to hear it!

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