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Dioneesus - Lolita
Dioneesus - Lolita

Dioneesus – Lolita | Deep & Dreamy

Multi-talented producer and singer Dioneesus (aka Dennis McGrath) is back with yet another banger in Lolita. McGrath formed his base in Rock but creates music rooted in Hip Hop using an Avant-Pop layer. His music is difficult to classify as each track differs in form and rhythm. McGrath’s music features deep, heavy beats in a dreamy atmosphere taking his music to different levels. He focuses on expressing himself in an eclectic fashion, crafting the sound around what the project dictates. Operating under the idea of music bringing people together, Dioneesus creates his music for his audience.

Lolita is no different — featuring heavy beats and a dreamy melody that appeals to most audiences today. As a listener, you can’t help but get engrossed in the slow-paced track with an incredible mix. The sweet hi-hats beautifully contrast rumbly 808 kick while the sweet melody and lyrics sing a love song that goes straight to the heart. Taking influence from modern Dream Pop and Hip Hop, Lolita creates an atmosphere that’s perfect for date night. Dioneesus sets the mood with the beat and brings it home with mildly seductive vocal tones. The track tells a story in an almost Labrinth-like manner, creating a euphoric sensation.

Dioneesus has always created music that appeals to the masses and Lolita is no different. The catchy melody and moving beats capture the essence of the music and most certainly works when you want to kick back and relax. If you enjoy a nice, slow beat with some dreamy vocals, then this is the track for you.

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