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kit citrine - hollow
kit citrine - hollow

Kit Citrine – Hollow | Musical Theatrics

Kit Citrine is a dynamic pop rock singer-songwriter and music producer. As an awarding winning artist, Citrine has been a part of the entertainment industry for 25 years. They are known for writing and producing music with raw emotion mixed with poetic and clever imagery. They have also performed in innumerable musicals which inspires their songs. Hollow by Kit Citrine is their newest single that explores the emptiness that grief and heart-break comes with.

The song carries a haunting sadness carved into the melody and rhythm cycle. Using a uniform beat cycle and crawling, electronic bass details, the artist fuses spooky melody elements with blue vocals. The robust vocals of the artist shoot across the song with the strength and power of cannon balls.

The soaring vocals sport straight and unwavering trajectories that convey the impressive range of the artist. We see several vocal adaptions throughout the song to convey varied emotions: Delicate sweetness in the intro, compelling and empowering in the chorus, enchanting transition vocal melodies, alto harmonies and catchy and wordy bridge.

The song is performative and dramatic. The listener can imagine the artist playing out scenes with their enacting vocals. Littered with anger, grief, pain, sarcasm and hollowness, the vocals put on a full-blown auditory show for the listeners.

Kit Citrine looks to inspire their audience with the wisdom of the road less taken with relatable music and humanity at its core. The artist uses her dramatic vocals to beautifully articulate the abstract emotional knots of heart-break and grief. Hollow makes for a great musical and emotional exhibition.

Listen to Hollow by Kit Citrine here-

Kit Citrine – Hollow

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