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Abby London on “Can’t Help Falling In Love”: a voice you can’t not fall in love with

Abby London possesses a diverse musical talent that spans from satirical takes on politics to deeply introspective pop. In the sea of ordinary artists in Seattle, Washington, Abby stands out as a unique voice. Her music is characterized by a blend of playfulness, sincerity, cleverness, boldness, relatability, and a touch of unassuming flair. On her latest release, she pays tribute to the mega-hit, “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, originally by Elvis Presley. Keep reading for my thoughts!

Abby manages rather beautifully, to put her own twist on a song that is cherished and loved by people throughout the world. There is a certain delicateness to her voice that still exudes power and charisma, and this is something I quite loved during my time listening to this song. The soft pianos in the background keep perfect accompaniment as Abby wafts up and down octaves, with her subtle vibrato making the nuances in the lyrics even more punctuated.

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The production, as I earlier alluded to, remains beautifully minimal with just a piano and the wafty reverbs keeping Abby company as she unfurls her full vocal range, and does so gracefully and elegantly.

All in all, rendering an Elvis song is not an easy job, not an easy walk in the park; but Abby London does it with grace and so much more. I’m excited to see what Abby has in store in the future, as she truly finds her own in the world of music. Check out “Can’t Help Falling In Love” by Abby London here!

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