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Clutchboy Kuma - Devil I Know
Clutchboy Kuma - Devil I Know

Clutchboy Kuma – Devil I Know | Dark and Provocative

Clutchboy Kuma is an Alternative R&B, Hip Hop and Alt-Pop artist based in Virginia, USA. His music is extremely thoughtful and explores themes of isolation, love, lust and reflection. Moreover, Clutchboy has worked tirelessly for the past 6 years to develop his sound and work with upcoming artists. He has a flair for immersive soundscape and a groove that just won’t quit. Clutchboy Kuma has a rather extensive discography with various features and solo material alike. Moreover, he’s got the ability to teleport you and take you on journeys through each and every song he puts out.

His latest single, Devil I Know, is an enigmatic, dark track with loads of sound effects. The foley tones give the song a load of texture while Sophie DeFrench absolutely kills it on the vocal work. Clutchboy Kuma has crafted a really cool beat that substitutes elements and does so with such ease. Moreover, his movements are so smooth that you hardly realise when something changes in the beat. The subtle dynamic and melodic changes are absolutely phenomenal. While you hear so many things in the song it’s hard to focus on any one element for too long. Every bit from the percussions to the textures and vocals demands your attention at all times.

Clutchboy Kuma is too good to be lowkey right now. His music is exactly what he describes it as. Additionally, you can’t hate the guy or the music.

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