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Plantoid-Dog's Life
Plantoid-Dog's Life
Plantoid-Dog's Life

Plantoid are diving inside canine dreams with their prog-rock single, “Dog’s Life”

Plantoid bring to you some of the most unique compositions in indie rock you might hear. This is one band that has a grip on their demographics needs. You’ve not had this kind of sensory stimulation in a while, and it’s going to be a joyride. If odd time signatures and high-pulse rock mean anything to you, you’re in the right place. This is Dog’s Life.

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Plantoid read rock to us with a theme

If you were to chart out a day of a dog, there are a lot of arrhythmic pauses and plays. Just like any other living thing. Plantoid dive deeper into that, unlike the movie. Here, you’re in the DNA of the dog, and it is as interesting as it is energetic. If the background rhythm has its own pace, this band offsets it with some simple but brilliant vocals. They are executed soulfully, you feel like you’re in the mind of a mongrel. I say that with the utmost admiration I have for the canines. The odd time riff play is an amazing textural shift, while there is a lot of drama felt with the percussions. If the bridge takes you away on a little trip, it brings you back just as surely. Maybe this song becomes your next prog-rock addiction. 

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They broke the ice with their debut single Mangö back in 2019. Their second single Demons also takes you on an unprecedented rock escapade. The way they manipulate the melody for consequential lyrics is awe-inspiring. Listen to their single here and follow Plantoid for more!:

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