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See Level-Frame of Mine
See Level-Frame of Mine
See Level-Frame of Mine

See Level creates engaging lo-fi melodies with his latest album, “Frame of Mine”

See Level isn’t just cute wordplay. This is an artist that welcomes you to a new dimension designed by sound with each of his compositions. There is a chance you might have heard some of his compositions in passing, or in playlists. The undercurrents are strong, the vibes are adhered to or created. This is a thriving artist who practices what he preaches. His latest album is called Frame of Mine. 

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I always wondered why lo-fi artist make such long albums. I am a relatively new fan, and See Level has given me a plain answer without using any words. It is the fabrication and dwelling of environment. A biosphere of sound, an ecosystem to sustain for a while in. Through 20 songs, this musician engages with beats, synthscapes and melodies that you can connect with. 

The opening track slows it down, setting a comfortable pace. As the notes ring out, there is a balance of minor scale embedded within, making for a mysterious aura. Dr Kaleidoscope combines with See Level for Off Top Reflections. These are instrumentals that steal the energy and mould into something fresh and inspiring. I could imagine creating art or writing to any of these songs. The tones are designed to be appealing-yet withdraw into a middle state in your background. We never stretch or hold to a track with music like this. The true essence is in experiencing the beat with these delicious instrumental platters.

Lo-fi with detail to ensnare

More minimal states exist in Hold Ones Peace or Mirrors. You’re invited for the party, if you choose not to analyse it. Interesting layers will always coalesce and create a cavity to entertain. More meditative tracks exist as well, though the jazzy ones like Centered are the ones I’m drawn towards. Coexisting rhythms with percussions is the true spine of lo-fi I feel, and See Level does it with another level of mastery.

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An audiophile will immediately pick up on small details like vinyl scratches all through. Root of it All withdraws into a more receded track with string based melodies. Look Deeper pushes through to be a warmer, more simplistic composition, the dynamism of the beat on display. I’ve always enjoyed the effects like Numbers game holds, suppressed beats which resurface after a dip. 

Echoing soundscapes will tease you as well, as heard in The thrill of patients. With his everlasting range on display, it is an exercise in sounds which would marry in any circumstances. I can imagine a sense of flow in any task I do with music like this playing. 

Engagement on every sensory level is an effect from See Level. His earlier album Rice Butter and Sugar has had a lot of streams for the kind of engaging instrumentals he architects. He is just getting started, and his sound is becoming more nuanced. Listen to his album here and follow him for more music like this:

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