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Hot Lime Canary - Father Time
Hot Lime Canary - Father Time

Hot Lime Canary – Father Time | Rejuvenating

Hot Lime Canary is an Indie Rock group based in the United States. The trio consists of Jacob (Guitar/Vocals), Kevin (Drums/Vocals), and Trevor (Bass/Vocals). Their music aims to integrate inner peace through strength of mind and ethical certainty. They’ve got an interesting take on things that is definitely humanitarian because you can’t fake the vibe. Additionally, they have a rather interesting, interactive website that you can check out right now! They also just dropped an EP entitled Father Time that features four tracks and it is to die for.

The titular track, Father Time kicks off the album with a groovy vibe. It features some rather interesting elements that would appeal to any fan of music. The drums are soft, yet dynamic and they really set the groove of the track. The bass is simply sublime adding a lot of punch and depth to the track. While the guitar sets the tone for the track. All of these, with the smooth vocals on the track, is absolutely amazing. The track flows so smoothly like there’s nothing you can worry about. The dark atmosphere is perfect because of the line we came to keep it light and I think that is just hilarious.

The second track on the EP, Sunshine was released as a single prior to the EP. It is also their most popular track at the moment this article was written. It is a track that talks about how a girl who isn’t happy unless everything is all Sunshine and rainbows. I love this track because of the beautifully intricate melodies and countermelodies. It is definitely a track that deserves a lot more attention from society. Moreover, it is a rather relatable track for a lot of people. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Cool Water was also released as a single and showcases some of the band’s versatility. While they can make music that you can groove to, they can also make music that gets you in the feelings. Cool Water is a dark, edgy track that is the perfect moody track. It sounds like it could fit into a Matt Reeves score just as easily as Something In The Way does in The Batman. The dark textures are absolutely perfect for someone like me who enjoys grungy, yet mellow music. Something about Hot Lime Canary reminds me of Alice In Chains and Nirvana but if they existed today.

Their last track on the EP, Make Me Dance is their most streamed track. It is rougher, edgier and reminds me of Joy Divison and Joyce Manor. The alternative scene feels absolutely alive with tracks like this. There’s just something about this music that people seem to miss out on in today’s scene. You really can’t knock it, until you try it. Every single element is perfect. Hot Lime Canary has got so much to offer this world.

After hearing this EP, I would be surprised if nobody takes notice of Hot Lime Canary. I am absolutely blown away by how good these lads are. If you don’t believe me, then check it out for yourself.

Be sure to stream the Father Time EP today!

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