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Oh My God! It's The Church - Kiss My Apocalips
Oh My God! It's The Church - Kiss My Apocalips

Oh My God! It’s The Church – Kiss My Apocalips | Revelation

Oh My God! It’s The Church (OMGITC for short) is an energetic, Funk Rock-filled band from the United States. With electrifying energy and heavy riffs, OMGITC touches topics that are almost biblical, but relatable. The idea behind the music is so that people can enjoy themselves and feel accepted for being who they are. The band itself is rather large and comprises the reverend and many other singers/songwriters and instrumentalists. Shaping newer ideas of the church and building their congregation, Oh My God! It’s The Church is certainly here to have a good time while spreading love.

Kiss My Apocalips is a great example of this. The track is funky, groovy, progressive and an absolute banger! With driving riffs, a very playful, honky tonk piano, and dynamic, hard-hitting drums, you are in for a good time. The vocal work features many voices and is simply sublime. The lyrics, while dark, are also open to interpretation. However, it does encourage the fact that music can save us all! This is a track that you, certainly, would not mind listening to on repeat. It has so much versatility to it. You could listen to it while driving down the highway, but also when you just want to sit and have a good time. Oh My God! It’s The Church is definitely a band you may want to catch live simply because listening to their music alone is not enough.

You may want to keep an eye out for an upcoming EP that will feature many more such tracks. Their entire discography is out for you to go through, and I can’t recommend it enough. Additionally, we were able to score an exclusive interview with the band. Read on down below for more!

How did you come up with the band name?

In the beginning, we were known simply as ‘The Church’. It was a simpler time, and we had a simpler name. I was just a cool-ass Reverend, in a mighty fine suit, bringing a new kind of musical religion for the 21st Century. But then a different kind of suit came along – a Lawsuit. Apparently some random Australian band I’d never heard of from the 80s were threatening to sue us because according to them they were called “The Church” first – and despite my arguments that as a certified Reverend I should be able to describe anything I want as my Church, it turns out from a legal perspective they were right. Goddamn lawyers.
So we had to come up with a new name, and it occured to me that everytime somebody recognised us after a show, or in a restaurant, or in the men’s room, they would always cry “Oh My God!….It’s the Church!” – and I thought well if that’s good enough for my congregation, it’s good enough for me.
Plus the name change has actually helped people find us online. Before, if you just typed in ‘The Church’ to googlay, all kind of weird shit would appear before you found us. Now, it might be a long-ass name, but there’s only one “Oh My God! It’s The Church”

What was the inspiration behind Kiss My Apocalips?

Our new EP ‘Revelations’ is our own take on the end of the world. It takes the listener into our own weird and warped version of reality, a reality in which mankind is in danger from an unspecified threat of extinction. Ironically we’d actually had this idea and begun writing the black humoured apocalyptic material before we were all hit with a global pandemic. Kiss My ApocaLips was the final track to be written on the record, in fact, I remember taking it into the very last band rehearsal before we went into the studio and it just made sense instantly. Fun, wild, loud – the track tells the story of one final rock show that could save the world. It embraces that retro Rock’n’Roll spirit that lives in us all and gives the middle finger to those that would try and bring about our destruction.

How do you guys go about writing a song?

It’s different each time really. I’m lucky to have some incredible singers, songwriters and musicians in the band. Some tracks are evolved in the studio together. Sometimes somebody brings something freaking awesome fully formed! We always try to tell a story and bring some life and soul to our audience through our music.

Kiss My Apocalips is a rather upbeat track and has a lot of fun elements. What meaning do you ascribe to it?

Music could save us all, and don’t let anyone tell you any different!

How would you best describe the OMGITC sound?

With such a big band we each bring tons of musical influences and that translates into the music. On the last record, we had an old skool Hip Hop track, plus Pop and RnB, and although we try not to restrict ourselves into one genre, there’s always an element of funk and soul in there somewhere. In contrast, this new record is darker in places and the apocalyptic themes lend themselves to some heavier riff-based tracks. Our recorded material always includes soundscapes and elements of dialogue. We try to immerse the listener in a world, with the music as the soundtrack to that world. We’re so excited for y’all to hear our new music!

With 9 singles and an album out now, where do you see yourselves taking OMGITC next?

Right now we’re just concentrating on sharing this kick-ass record with the world and then taking it on tour! What with everything that’s gone on, it’s been an age since we’ve been able to tour so that’s the main focus this year. We’ve been working on some incredible covers to slip into our live shows, and I love what Rage against The Machine did a few years ago when they released a whole album of covers with everything from Bob Dylan to Cypress Hill, so maybe we could do something like that next?
Right now it kinda feels like the world is descending into hell, but the good news is that we just wrote a killer soundtrack to oblivion, so let’s see how that goes.

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