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john taglieri - talk to me
john taglieri - talk to me

Talk To Me” by John Taglieri Is a Rock Delight That Keeps Chatting in Your Mind

In an extraordinary 21-year career, John Taglieri has exemplified the DIY spirit, releasing an impressive fourteen albums on his own terms. He’s commanded stages across continents, from New England to Los Angeles and Europe, while having no substantial financial backing. Particularly, his musical ability has gained him two Billboard-charting albums, ‘Southern Paradise’ (#73, 2013) and ‘Days Like These’ (#29, 2014), along with a strong Amazon #1 hit ‘Make Me Believe’ and a fascinating top 20 EP on iTunes, ‘Days Like These’. Taglieri stands as an icon of creating an authentic, successful journey in the different worlds of singing, songwriting, and production, with five iTunes Top 10 Singles and over 30,000 CDs sold.  

“Talk To Me,” John Taglieri’s latest single, is an unforgettable experience. It unfolds like a slow-burning spell. John’s voice wraps us in a comforting hug from the first note, supported by subtle riffs. It gradually unfolds. As the song proceeds, the tune evolves into a joyful experience. The addition of electric guitar and energetic drum rhythms breathes fresh life into the song. The chorus of the song surges with a compelling vibrancy, driven by all the musical elements. The harmony between guitar riffs and keys adds to the melodic richness.

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The turning point for me was around the 0:30 mark, as the bassline slowly led into a thunderous chorus that amplified the song’s overall impact.  The infectious vibe of the chorus invites you to sing along, and the compositional variety keeps things fresh and engaging. What stands out about “the song “Talk To Me” by John Taglieri is its immaculate production. The seamless balance of instruments, the progression of the composition, and the nuances in delivery are all just out of the world.

As the song comes to an end, the lingering effect is similar is so impactful that it leaves you with the urge to press the repeat button.

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Enjoy listening to “Talk To Me” by John Taglieri here.

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