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Marta Per-Take A Deep Breath
Marta Per-Take A Deep Breath
Marta Per-Take A Deep Breath

Marta Per-Take A Deep Breath | Levitating above mediocrity

This might be a debut, but it is no ordinary one. Marta Per has customised her first signature as a release, and it’s a good one. A multi-instrumentalist, she’s taken her inspirations from probably every genre mankind listens to. As expected, it leads to something surprising and unexpected. This is her single, Take A Deep Breath.

Her first cover was Paramore’s The Only Exception, last year. Take A Deep Breath is her new beginning, a confident piece of art-a debut everyone will remember her by. Marta Per makes this track a bit funky, a bit bluesy and even small influences from pre 2010 pop. This track exudes experimentation and rebirth like never seen before. Moments in the track blend effortlessly with each other, be it genre or aura wise. The mind of a polymath at play.

When the genre switches between chorus to verse is what is a highlight for me. Absolutely unaware of what trick she is going to pull out of her sleeve, Marta Per is defining her purpose with this kind of powerful track. A truly original creation, influences from funk, jazz and even R&B are spread out evenly throughout this single. Here comes deep water from this fantastic artist, so take a deep breath.

Listen to her single here:

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