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Make Yourself Known by Tom Craven
Make Yourself Known by Tom Craven

Tom Craven’s “Make Yourself Known”: From the “Hidden City” to the “Little Steps,” A Captivating Musical Experience

Get ready to go on an exhilarating musical journey with the enigmatic maestro Tom Craven, an accomplished solo acoustic virtuoso. His commanding presence has made an immeasurable impact on the vibrant musical landscapes of both Watford and Milton Keynes for an impressive span of more than ten years. Tom has performed on stages in the UK, Europe, and even California over the course of his remarkable career, exciting music lovers all over the world with his stunning shows.

Tom Craven has released a new album, “Make Yourself Known” with a total of 12 songs.

The first song on the album is “Let It Fall (My December.)” With a stirring melody that brims with hope, “Let It Fall (My December)” serves as a poignant reminder of the challenges it overcame. But this song doesn’t dwell on past hardships. Instead, it forges ahead with unwavering spirit, determined to break free from negative forces that once held it back. What better way to kickstart an album, right?

“Hidden City” takes its place as the second track on the album, captivating listeners with its crisp drum beats and mesmerizing vocals. The acoustic and electric guitars join forces, creating a surreal experience.

“New Signals” is different from the first two songs and starts with a dreamy slow soundscape.  While the electric guitar and keyboard weave melodies around the alluring vocals, the soft acoustic guitar creates a beautiful backdrop. It evokes wonder and awe, inviting you to slow down and cherish the present moment. This mesmerizing song speaks to your soul with its passionate lyrics and outstanding music, leaving you swaying and engrossed in its profound beauty. Definitely one of my favorites on the album.

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“Secondhand Smoke (Same Jeans)” is a thrilling rock anthem that transports you to the exhilarating atmosphere of a live concert. The electrifying combination of thumping electric guitar riffs and driving drum beats ignites your senses, making it impossible not to nod along to the infectious groove. Let us not forget Tom’s vibrant vocal performance, which is beyond commendable.

“A Change in the Papers” is the fifth song on the album. We return to a soulful mood in “A Change in the Papers.”  The electric guitar’s brilliant interplay with the keys adds another level of brilliance to the piece, while the soft piano chords beckon you in, luring you to the fascinating melody and immersing you in its booming beauty.

Continuing the emotional depth established by its predecessor, “Catalyst” emerges as a beacon of hope within the album’s progression. The gentle nature of the song uplifts the spirit, infusing it with an undeniable sense of optimism. Notably, the keys take center stage, adding a remarkable dimension to the music that elevates it to new heights. Tom’s emotive voice gracefully carries the lyrics, effortlessly conveying their essence and further enhancing the profound impact of this heartfelt composition.

One more captivating addition that instantly brightened my spirits is the track titled “Sleep.” With powerful synth lines that accentuate the melody, this enchanting composition commands attention and creates a magical mood. The song proceeds forward at a constant pace from the start, driven by calming drum beats that recur. The addition of the keys as the song progresses adds to its char. And the guitar riffs? Just the cherry on the cake! It accentuates the whole joyful mood.

“The Game Inside” is an amazing pop-rock song that will ignite you. This powerhouse sets your senses ablaze with its commanding melody. With a powerful rhythm that demands your complete attention, the drums and bass carry the song ahead. Tom’s vocals have a strong presence that urges listeners to grab the moment and act upon it. Just perfect! The keys interweave intricate melodies throughout the song, adding a dynamic element to the already thrilling soundtrack.

“Dreams of Sixthsmith” is a song that effortlessly weaves its magic with a gentle mid-tempo pace. Right from the beginning, the passionate keys, guitar, and drum beats seamlessly intertwine, wasting no time in capturing your attention. The organ notes, accompanied by beats and guitar strums, create a serene and sentimental ambiance. As I listened to this song, a wave of pure happiness washed over me.

When I pressed play on “Truffles,” the immediate vibe that came to my mind was one of carefree delight and a desire to simply let loose and have a good time! The infectious energy of the song is undeniable, instantly lifting spirits and setting a joyous tone. And halfway through the song, the keys come in, bringing an extra layer of goodness that amplifies the overall positivity. “Truffles” is a delightful concoction that embodies the essence of pure enjoyment and serves as a perfect soundtrack for moments of unadulterated fun.

“Atlantic Bells (Piano Version),” the album’s eleventh track, features Tom’s voice alongside some genuinely evocative and expressive piano performance. The song’s simplicity allows for a more personal and intimate listening experience, with Tom’s voice taking centre stage. In this track, his talent clearly comes through, with his driven, raw, and truly passionate delivery tugging at listeners’ heartstrings. The piano performance is equally excellent, providing as a perfect partner to Tom’s singing, with each note eliciting various emotions.

Serving as the grand finale of the album, “Little Steps” bursts onto the scene, leaving no room for subtlety. The guitars, bass, and drums converge, forging a dynamic and pulsating rhythm that demands attention. And with the introduction of the organ, a captivating layer of depth is added, evoking a nostalgic essence infused with classic rock vibes. Let us not forget the flawless vocal delivery by Tom Craven!

As the final notes reverberate and eventually fade into the ether, a profound sense of fulfillment and contentment settles upon the listener. “Little Steps” serves as a fitting conclusion to this extraordinary album, leaving the listener with a renewed sense of hope and optimism, ready to embrace whatever lies ahead with an invigorated spirit.

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Enjoy listening to “Make Yourself Known’ by Tom Craven here.

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