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Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited Part III
Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited Part III
Julian Tran-Fantasy Unlimited Part III

Julian Tran continues his elite expedition with “Fantasy Unlimited: Part III”

You might know Julian Tran for imprinting images from involute galaxies in your mind. The masterful instrumentalist and ambient artist is back with the third instalment. If you had travelled through pockets of time that brought you certain emotions, prepare to flip. This is his latest single, Fantasy Unlimited: Part III.

You saw the drama of the light, the joy of being lost. Now experience the Darkness in the Valley. Using a sombre flow of strings and ambient, cold breeze-he etches a new picture in our head. It recreates, through sound waves, what is the unfolding of a permanent nightmare. Just the sounds seeping can invoke spine-tingling thrill and horror in your heart. Julian Tran braces himself before showing you the climax.

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He is initiating thought in us as we travel through this valley. If you near the end, you clamber on to Ice Cream Kneecaps. The wind instruments give hope, a joyous beginning to something new. Diving into each of these worlds is a pleasure that is cinematic, image rich and thought-provoking. Without lyrics, you try associating each sound and tone to some meaning. The instruments align, syncopate and create new styles of sound in the ways that they interact. It is like hearing a conversation between themes and styles, to approach one at the end. 

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Julian Tran has made quite a few memories for listeners with his series. Along with this, he has also released Misery in 2021, along with Another Day as a single earlier this year. What he means to visualise, we all want to know. Creativity from an artist like this is unbound, it latches onto the strongest parts of memory. Listen to his single here and follow him for more ambient aural experiences here:

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