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“Curiosity”, by Lukx: Ethereal, wafty fusion

Lukx emerges as an outcome of a collaborative effort between a father and son pair, hailing from Belgium and Sweden, and currently operating from Belgium. On their latest release, “Curiosity”, they take a different approach to their sound than I have witnessed previously from their work– now, what is that? Keep reading for my thoughts!

Part of the magic of this whole song is the evocative, distinctly Spanish-sounding guitar sample that makes its appearance at various parts of the song, with the vocals and harmonies dancing tango (if you will excuse the pun) with the rest of the instrumental– overall yielding a distinct flavour, an irresistible panache and go this song has. The rest of the production makes sure to take full consideration of this guitar part, and this is even down to the main melody, which is again adeptly written.

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The lyricism and delivery are also strong points about this track, with the sung harmonies and vocalisations adding a layer of depth and detail to this song that I came to quite appreciate, thanks in part to the rather clear and powerful mix. The soundstage is great, with the right amounts of power and shout at the right places. Great work here!

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Overall, Lukx continue to bring out their production prowess song over song, and “Curiosity” is no exception. Check out the song here!

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