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FLASHRODGERS | Sunhurst Pop Festival | Singer-Songwrwiter | Tranquil Delirium
FLASHRODGERS | Sunhurst Pop Festival | Singer-Songwrwiter | Tranquil Delirium

FLASHRODGERS’ “Sunhurst Pop Festival”: Embracing the Essence of Tranquil Delirium

I personally love music that has the instrumentals stand out more in the mix than the vocals. The traditional style is to let the vocals tear through the mix so it’s clear and understandable – sometimes losing focus on the wonderful instruments playing in the background. That’s not the case in ‘Flashrodgers’ new single – “Sunhurst Pop Festival”, because it’s a tranquil sound bath of instruments and steccato sounds – an amusement park of various sounds – where you can choose to ride the sound that you want.

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To be comforted to sleep after bawling your eyes out for an hour is a feeling that everybody enjoys. A tranquil delirium where you can finally think straight – as if everything was happeningh to you in third person. Almost an out of body excperience – and that is exactly how i feel when i listen to “Sunhurst Pop Festival”. A sense of relaxation and peace in the midst of evident emotional turmoil – a tranquil delirium!

The song starts off with some vibrating keys that is soon accompanied by some drums, while the vocals pour into the mix. My favourite are the keys that play in the background. It reminds me of the same keys that play in the background of Pink Floyd’s “Echoes”. The sounds pour through the mix – leaving the listener in a state of tranquility while also making them ponder about whats next. A weird state of calm that leaves the listener longing for more – I could play this on repeat and let it play in the background while i work!

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With amazing guitar work, beautiful keys and of course the tranquil vocals – “Sunhurst Pop Festival” is a relaxing yet amazing single by FLASHRODGERS and I already love listening to it! To create this headspace that gives listeners space to comprehend every single instrument in his mix show us his prowess as a producer, singer and songwriter! An amazing jack of all trades that just makes you feel dazed and less confused after a hard day’s work!

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