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Adub Nati – Emerging | Motivate

Cincinnati-based rapper Adub Nati has released his latest album Emerging – a seven-track exploration of his personal and artistic growth. Adub Nati’s music career started in late 2015 with his debut project “No Plan B” and since then he’s been known for delivering old-school, authentic, and intimate rap records. He is a first-generation son of two West Indian immigrants from St. Kitts & Nevis and his upbringing is evident in his music, which is both introspective and socially conscious.

The opening track, “Battling Time,” sets the tone for the album with its confident verses and nostalgic instrumentation. The old-school rusty drum beat, and a mix of lofi guitars, create a sound that is both familiar and fresh. Adub Nati addresses the importance of self-improvement, faith, and trust in this track. He raps about how his God isn’t a liar and how important it is to honor “the spirit.” He also shares a positive message on how Christ’s battle with evil can empower us to overcome our own struggles.

The album’s second track “Get Me” begins with a catchy hook, “Get Me, get Me / I hope you understand“. The lofi piano carries the groovy old school beat of the track and Adub Nati’s vocals take center stage as he raps about his personal experiences, introspection, and learnings about faith, God, trust and himself. Similarly, in the third track “Gotta Look Deeper“, Adub Nati’s intricate lyricism and confident flow bring back the sound of 80s-90s rap, and he encourages listeners to dig deeper into themselves for personal growth.

The fourth track “Happenings Here” takes on a more emotional tone with its keys instrumentation. Adub Nati raps about manifesting one’s dreams, making miracles happen, and the role of faith in his own life journey. In the fifth track “Waiting on a Word“, Adub Nati starts off with a monologue about the importance of companionship and God’s presence in one’s life. He raps about self-improvement through faith and effort and the smooth and clean beat adds to the positive message in the song.

The sixth track “Black Flower Sun Star” offers a departure from the rest of the tracks with its drill beat and 808-driven sound. Adub Nati’s verses are delivered over a melodic hook that is sure to keep listeners engaged. The final track “Don’t Be Scared” starts off with a female vocal over a grand piano progression, and Adub Nati shares a motivating message about facing one’s fears with confidence and strength through interesting soundscapes and intricate writing.

Adub Nati’s Emerging is an introspective and socially conscious exploration of his personal and artistic growth. The album showcases Adub Nati’s intricate lyricism and confident flow, as well as his ability to blend old-school and modern sounds. The lyrics in each track are well thought-out, and Adub Nati manages to convey a positive and powerful message in each of them. The production is top-notch, making for a polished and cohesive final product. Overall, Emerging is a strong addition to Adub Nati’s discography and solidifies him as one of the most promising artists in the rap game today.

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