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V of 40M – Pwr | Powerful

V of 40M is back with his latest release, “Pwr,” and it’s a banger. The track features fellow members of the 40M Crew, 40m Tye and Hippie G, and together they create a sound that is dark, powerful, and undeniable. The 808-bass driven beat is hard-hitting and modern, giving the song a contemporary edge that is sure to get listeners moving.

But what really sets “Pwr” apart is the production, which is handled by ARAB MXFIA. He manages to blend all the elements of the track together in a way that is seamless and masterful. The emotive string melody and deep bass that run throughout the track add depth and emotion to the song, while V of 40M’s lyrics are politically and socially conscious.

As the front-man of the 40M Crew, V of 40M made his debut in Feb 2022 with “Way Back (Warning)” and since then he has established himself as a powerful and socially conscious voice in the rap game. With “Pwr,” V of 40M and the 40M Crew show that they are a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

It’s clear that V of 40M and the 40M Crew are committed to pushing the boundaries of what rap music can be and “Pwr” is a shining example of that. It’s a track that is not only catchy but also meaningful and thought-provoking. With top-notch production quality and powerful lyrics, “Pwr” is an impressive release that solidifies V of 40M as one of the most exciting artists in the game today.

Interview with V of 40M

Q1. V of 40M, you just dropped your new track “Pwr” with 40m Tye and Hippie G. What inspired this collaboration and how did the three of you come together to create this record?

A 1. In short, the Creator needed something extra lit you feel me and when I heard the Fabolous sample with the drill kit on it – I knew s*** was about to get crazy. I hit up Hippie for the rough draft and Tye is always on deck so it was only right to have the M on the cut too.

Q2. Your debut track ‘Way Back (Warning)’ really put you on the map in the rap game. How do you feel “Pwr” compares to your first release and how have you evolved as an artist?

A2. They’re both like that if you ask me lol. Way Back was really a bop lowkey, Pwr is a little more complex you dig even though they both paint revolutionary pictures. “Pwr” has more pieces to the puzzle for sure though.

Q3. The production on “Pwr” is top-notch and the track has a somewhat dark feel. How do you go about crafting a track and what was the creative process like for this particular record?

A3. How the Christians and “half a Christians” say it – Jesus take the wheel lol. We just allowed the Creator, the Universe, the Ancestors and the beat to do their thing for real. I just added a little sauce you know, heavy on the 4’s.

Q4. You’ve only been in the game for a short time, but you’ve already made a big impact. How do you handle the pressure of being a rising artist and what advice do you have for others trying to make it in the music industry?

A4. No pressure over here, as long as we stay authentic and hold steadfast to the message and purpose then we will be victorious. There’s no way you can lose when your operating with the divine and you’re genuinely doing for the people. My advice to all artists, make something meaningful and stay true to it no matter what. For the Melanated or “Black” artists out there, change the narrative! Make s*** that’s going to progressively push our people forward as a culture, not s*** that’s going to continue to hold us back for yet another generation just so you can be rich and famous you feel me – we need you!

Q5. What can fans expect from you in the future and do you have any upcoming projects in the works?

A5.. Yeah we got mad projects on the way in the community, we’re the M’s and the movement doesn’t sleep. As far as music, we have few more singles about to drop before we release the first mixtape, vids and all soon to be on deck so stay tuned. Melanites aka “Blacks”, make sure y’all tap in – @Vof40M on all socials, etc – we got work to do!

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