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Divine Anger-Guru of Hate
Divine Anger-Guru of Hate
Divine Anger-Guru of Hate

Divine Anger-Guru of Hate | Speed

At the risk of getting hate mail from the people reading this post, I’m going to come out and say it. The big 4 and the other ranks that made it haven’t been putting out good music in a while. Alright, I will exclude Megadeth. So now it’s time to usher in the new generation that will unleash their fury. Spearheading a new subgenre of sorts, summon on your listening device-Divine Anger.

Divine Anger don’t sing about flowers & daisies and how the world will be better. They channel years of repressed rage & fury, and their explosive music shows it. That’s what I want to do, apologize to my eardrums after listening to an album.

Don’t judge this music by the number of tracks or the length of it. It’s the solid, blistering hot content within those 5 songs that will catapult Divine Anger to another level.

A journey through death valley

Enough stalling. It’s time for a deep dive into hot lava.

The title track Guru of Hate opens the album with Machine Head fury and attack. The opening riff sounds like pre-90’s Judas Priest, & I love it. As soon as the vocals enter, it’s obvious that a radius of 5m is necessary to go crazy. Without shame I admit, I did. Luke Krämer on rhythm, JJ on lead, Barry Ross on bass & Damon on drums carry the rhythm on to peaks, before letting it sail and then dive. ART3M loses his mind on vocals just like I did on just the opening track. 4 more to go.

Just when you think you can take a break, stop thinking. Behind the Wall enters with a Matt Heafy (Trivium) style riff, and you’re immediately glued. Damon explodes in with double bass strafing through the track. ART3M shows off his Petrucci set of pipes in this track with melodic influences. Dynamite in mp3 format. The bridge is insane, I don’t want to classify it within a genre, because it welds many. 3 more to go.

Always Now shows the prowess of the group & Misaki Hayashi’s role in setting an ambiance for the group. The Dio style riff attacks after the synth fades out, while the drums & guitar pound through. Classic speed metal vibes, and a whole lot of King Diamond influence too. 2 more to go and I’m still stuck in the fury of the second track.

Welcome Overkill taking off on pure hydrogen. D-Day is a great fast track that rests on its licks and riffs, making sure you’re along for the ride. ART3M shows off his vocal virtuosity in this track, as this thunder rages on the storm you’re in between. The chorus is pivotal to show how well the group gels together. One of the best tracks compositionally. 1 more to go,

Let me make one thing clear. All you mainstream metalheads can’t call all songs that begin soft Evanescence. When Angels Sleep attempts to break open that bullshit criticism with their demolition playlist worthy track. Expressive power metal at their peak in this song. All the prior elements come together to deliver their Fur Elise. Great way to close the album.

I’ll give this album two devil horns, which is the epitome of being rocked. Divine Anger have you by the scruff and they’re going to scald you with the energy that their songs carry.

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