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Teen Mortgage-Valley
Teen Mortgage-Valley
Teen Mortgage-Valley

Teen Mortgage-Valley | Check the wattage

From their 2021 EP called Smoked, come Teen Mortgage. With swirling, energetic melodies and powerful live instrument sounds, they tend to change the weather for the better in your mind. Their songs have a varied range of flavours and textures, and they are always ready to give it their best. This is called Valley.

It is the closing track from their EP, and rightfully so. Teen Mortgage take the better part of sludge rock, the melodies, tempos and rhythms and get rid of the excess distortion. Compression at a minimum, they focus on making the melody memorable. A droning single note dominates the background effect, like a music box. The vocals and guitars juxtapose to give us the core melody. With a Eastern touch, the hypnotic sound slowly sits like a earworm.

At 1:47, you forget where the song had started. The switch to a much heavier, distorted guitar was not even apparent. It crashes on you like a 10 tonne truck, with the surroundings of the frequency shivering with equal parts fear and delight. This effect dissolves just as smoothly when the verse comes in. Teen Mortgage know how to build to a brilliant chorus, something that might unknit your socks off.

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