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Matthew Liam Nicholson – The Worm Turns | Dreamy

Australian-born, Northern California-based recording artist, composer and singer-songwriter Matthew Liam Nicholson is out with his first single of 2022 called ‘The Worm Turns’ – a vibrant, genre-fluid dream-pop track that features an eclectic blend of instruments and sounds. Nicholson is well known in the Los Angeles music scene as a composer and has performed as a bandleader with groups like AT/ALL, Outshine Family, and Function Ensemble in the past. His ethereal composition style is often described as expansive, showcasing folksy tunes fused with a little magic.

Nicholson introduces ‘The Worm Turns’ in a psychedelia-infused space created by dreamy textures and synth arpeggios. The track has a somewhat hypnotic element to it that is emphasized by his soothing vocals right from the start. With its unique, slightly electronically-processed tone, his voice almost sounds like a meditative chant in the verses; a very intricately produced blend of sounds that is truly captivating!

It moves to a more pop-like vibe with infectious melodies and uplifting guitars in the chorus. Vocal arrays fill up the frequency spectrum and play over an energetic drum beat that drives the groove of the track, ultimately blending in with the final guitar lead and synth instrumentation. It sure does seem like Nicholson has a knack for fusing all kinds of sounds to create his own special one. He creates a world of wonder with his music and ‘The Worm Turns’ is a great example of his compositional style that shows just how unique his writing can be.

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