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Mock Deer – Contempt for Others | Melancholy

Ricky Damiani, better known as Mock Deer, has been active in the London music scene as a singer-songwriter since 2012. Recently, he came out with his first single of 2022 called ‘Contempt for Others’. Ricky is known for his unique composition style that features the raw acoustic sound of alt-folk along with the emotion of modern songwriter pop. Following the release of his album ‘The Art of Loneliness’ in 2020, he released an instrumental version of the same in the following year; he is now back with a moving single that showcases his signature sound extravagantly.

‘Contempt for Others’ starts off in a melancholic atmosphere with guitars and a melodic bassline. Ricky sings with a deep, soothing tone about the mistakes he’s made in the past, about how he’s broken rules and felt the consequences of his actions. “Let’s agree to disagree/Can we just do that, can we?” – as the track progresses, the singer-songwriter focuses his energy on sharing what he’s learned after experiencing “perpetual cycles of pain”, as he describes it.

A distorted guitar and bright percussion add some flare to the chorus; the vibrant chord changes enhance the smooth transitions, ultimately letting Mock Deer’s writing shine. Ricky’s writing throughout this four-minute record plays as an emotive narrative about his journey. In addition, the dynamic nature of the instrumentation emphasizes the impact of his verses, with the final outro ending on a more energetic note. With a top-notch production and a solid mix, Mock Deer delivers an emotional performance that’s a treat for the ears!

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