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roni amir before
roni amir before

Roni Amir – Before | Experimental

Roni Amir, a singer, songwriter and seasoned music producer based out of Tel Aviv presents his latest release, “Before”; a carousel of experimental production techniques and a foot-tap-worthy bounce to it.

This number has it all– melodious verses with innovative 80s-90s sounding instrumentation adding that delightful sheen to the listener’s ear; a talented female vocalist singing sky-high hooks in the middle of a generational shift in production style– flowing between one scale and another beautifully. “Before” uses multiple creative ways to write a song; and manages to weave it together in a way that sounds great to the listener.

The vocals waft around in the mix with a tastefully done mix, granting this track the atmosphere it ends up having– an enjoyable one, if I may add. The transitions between the more sober and outright electric parts of this track have not a single discontinuity. Roni weaves the dynamics with all his chops that make a challenging track like this to write, look like kid’s play– yet we know that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The whole track has this magnetic allure that makes the melodies– and vocal lines– get stuck in your mind. I caught myself humming the hook softly; multiple times in the day or so I spent listening to this track, going in to find all the different nuances on offer here. In the end, as I sit writing this article, it feels natural to enjoy the song playing in the background, knowing that I will love what is to come next. This is the hallmark of a song well written, and a job done par excellence.

With “Before”, Roni has a winner on his hands; and a showcase of sheer technical prowess to the music industry. I reserve the opinion that that, is a really good thing.

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