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“Wilderness Radio”, by Trickshooter Social Club: A serving of Rock’n’Roll de la Americana, with a zest of grunge, served with love

Trickshooter Social Club describe their music as “a little whiskey-soaked and world-weary” as they dish out music that sounds distinctly American, with a dash of grungey, fuzzy rock and roll music that would take anybody and have their head swinging in no time. With their latest release, “Wilderness Radio”, they set out to do just that. Keep reading for my take on this album!

The 4 songs on this EP all represent different perspectives of what essentially is the same sound– with the same fundamental ingredients, but the executions make the album have an overall very diverse, very enjoyable sound. From the loud-and-proud “Girl vs Monster” with its distinctly 80s rock sound– replete with the boomy bass, the harmony-laden rhythm guitars to the gruff-sung vocals; to the mellow curtain closer in “Bury Me In Light“, with its slower, more open sound, pianos, and the soulful, sensitive singing; this album has a lot of variety to offer.

Highlights on this album include the solo on “Girl Vs Monster”, starting around the 1:40 mark; the vocals throughout, and the mood of the album in general. The third song, “Run All Night”, brings an electric, distinctly pub-rock atmosphere to your ears, and it is a treat to listen to every step of the way. It becomes an earworm from the moment you start listening to it– and the guitar solo is the cream atop the cake. “Say Anything” is again a return to slower, more ballad-like themes, with the violin making a welcome presence here, giving this song a laid-back, American country vibe that I quite appreciate throughout the album.

The production takes on multiple forms throughout the track, and every one of the songs is well-produced and well-executed in its own right. The choice of instrumentation here is familiar yet innovative, with all the elements sitting together rather solidly at the end of the day– and that leaves the listener feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

With “Wilderness Radio”, Trickshooter Social Club are onto something and I am a fan! Check out the 4-song EP here:

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