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Birdeatsbaby gives a new taste of metal with their energized single, “HEX”

Brighton continues to bring us stalwart talent with Birdeatsbaby. The UK based band has made enough shockwaves with their numerous singles and albums. It is an effort to create something unique, multidimensional and stretch the boundaries of genres as we know them to be. They continue their ascent to greatness with their latest single, HEX.

Moulding your own metal

Prog-rock gets a position check with this kind of groove. Dominating the intro with a dark bass tone, the flavours are ripe to test more textures on. The suspense is created with the background that builds with the progressive percussion. Complexities build, while the metal bleeds in with a creative ease that you don’t even hear seasoned bands use. The rhythms and styles seen explore many depths. This ensures the cauldron has a notional quantity of all these genres they love.

The melodic solo creates enough dramatic upheaval to flip the script, in a way. You hear a Sabbath styled dip at 3:13 which voyages into the darkest riff like a portal to another kind of dimension. The screams haunt, display pain, and demonstrate the bands’ ability to be able to flip the coin with finesse and class. The fry-screams pummel you into submission. Here is a worthy band for any metal playlist.

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Birdeatsbaby will always be known for Incitatus, and their explosive album, Here She Comes a Tumblin’. Their explorations are always worth diving into even as fans of their music or how genres can flow into one another. Listen to their genius with their single HEX here:

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