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Sis PS – Touch The Sun
Sis PS – Touch The Sun

Sis PS – Touch The Sun | Cinematic Scope

German singer-songwriter and vocalist Sis PS has a magical brand new single titled Touch The Sun. Hailing from Marburg, she has been making and performing music for the last ten years. After her debut solo single Time earlier this year, this is her second single. Her musical expression revolves around breaking society’s norms and the human experience.

High piano notes commence the song. Vocals with great strength, finesse, and production with the right touches of reverb and harmonies greet us. Light guitars and strings then are added to the mix to an emotionally and harmonically pleasing chorus. Electric guitar leads are heard in the second pre-chorus. The chord changes in the chorus are truly beautiful and a great highlight of the song. The song contains a lot of moods from the low to the inspiring. Great musical dynamics and flow expressed with craft by Sis PS.

The addition of varied elements enhances the sense of drama and grandiosity in the song, adding depth and complexity to the overall sound. The song also makes use of both acoustic and electric guitars, with the acoustic guitar serving as a backdrop for the vocal melodies and the electric guitar providing punctuated textures. The chord changes in the song are particularly noteworthy, as they add a sense of tension and release that keeps the listener enthralled. The song that makes use of a wide range of musical elements to create a cohesive and engaging musical flow.

With Touch The Sun, Sis PS has sculpted a song that is as ambitious as the scope of its title.

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