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Iris Bonet | Do you wanna | Pop | R&B
Iris Bonet | Do you wanna | Pop | R&B

Iris Bonet – Do you Wanna? | R&B Pop

Ever feel like artists peddling epic pop just pass you by like buses in a big city?  You hop on, you hop off and you don’t give much thought to where they’re going next.  Well, “Do you wanna?” is one bus that you should definitely be catching.  In fact, if you can bear to keep running alongside the clumsy public transport metaphor, ‘Do you wanna?’ is a single you simply must not miss.

Iris Bonet is a singer, songwriter and producer all in one, from Jacksonville, Florida. She grew up to the sound of R&B from the nineties and you can see how her music is influenced by it. Her work is nostalgic with a subtle modern twist. Not only does she write pop music, Iris has also been writing music for film, TV, ads and even has songs on VH1 and Google as well.

The uncomplicated, confident production, spotlighting hefty bass and chunky guitars give the songs weight and claws. This single has successfully exhibited a soloist’s depth of song-craft. It’s a single you can sink your head into but it’s also one you can dance around the kitchen to with your two-year-old (if you have one) and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

The musical confidence and sonic vitality coursing through ‘Do you wanna?’ has to be credited – to Iris Bonet, who manages to sing, write and produce her music all by herself! A Herculean task for most. She has enabled ‘Do you wanna?’ to turn out to be the kind of single that could spawn hit after hit after hit, given the right exposure.  All you have to do now is climb aboard.  If you want me, I’ve taken a seat on the top deck and will be here now until the last stop.

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