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Päter-Nicotine Hallelujah
Päter-Nicotine Hallelujah
Päter-Nicotine Hallelujah

Päter keeps it in a puff and drag with the incredibly catchy “Nicotine Hallelujah”

Päter brings you indie pop rock that reminds you of a safe place in your head. The one part that doesn’t have an endless supply of memes running. This is where comfort is, wild thoughts are and your personality is as wild as tik-toks from the US. With her latest single, she introduces you to that sigh of relief after a long drag. This is Nicotine Hallelujah.

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Turn on the addiction

I understand, that this song has one of the most famous titles in music history. Worry not, this is no Leonard Cohen, Jeff Buckeley or the billion others who have sang that song. With a fresh, peppy tempo, Päter brings clever lyrics wrapped deliciously with some layered instrumentals. You feel like singing along, though you might not know the lyrics. It is like going to a Phoebe Bridgers concert, and somehow you have a connection established without listening to her.

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Her stellar writing is a step within the circle of Obstinate Brain & the famous track Desert. As you’re dialled in, you notice the little flourishes that keep the rhythm exciting and let the chorus crash into you. The electric guitar gives a tonal escalation, just to remind you that you have to hear the song more than once to thoroughly understand it.

Her superb single Dam, Damn remains her most popular, though I suspect this one getting bigger. Päter is bringing her best work out with this kind of singles, and we can’t wait to see what kind of magic will be held within an album. Listen to her single here and follow her for more intriguing music like this!:

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