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“Ok, Finally” by Iris Blue: ‘An etched out romance played on off beats’

Based out of Chicago, Iris Blue bend the envelopes of music to create, what they call, a ‘fun and pessimistic’ sonic– now, convoluted as that may sound, “Ok, Finally”, the latest release by the group, may as well just put that in perspective for us simpletons out there. Keep reading for my thoughts!

Like much of their other material, the tone of this song is set from the first bar, with a soft guitar-laden intro that does away with frills, and presents the vocals to you front and centre, keeping you company till the high-energy rock-themed riffing kicks in, with the steady, uptempo drumming and bass guitar taking this song to peak energy, the vocals steadily keeping up. There’s only much to appreciate here, with the kind of path that this song traverses being quite uncanny.

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The vocals, as I may have alluded to earlier, are a central concept throughout “Ok, Finally”. The mildly gruff voice at play here does a great job propelling the emotion of the track forward, and keeps it grounded, continually giving the listener a point to come back to. The melody is well executed, too, with the instrumental in the background playing the perfect tango to keep this song going!

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To wrap it up, “Ok, Finally” by Iris Blue, most importantly, gets the basics right. There’s a lot of things to look forward to on this song that is sure to keep it an interesting listen, for the days to come. Check out the track here!

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