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Joshua Martin – High Go Down

Joshua Martin is a Los Angeles based Artist who is also a Songwriter and writes music in both English and Spanish. He is known for his immersive musical abilities that can make people enter a whole different realm. This artist surely takes a an interesting approach when it comes to innovation. Joshua Martin has a unique voice and compliments it with some amazing music that runs deep in emotions. His vocal abilities are bound to make people fall in love with this amazing artist. This is surely an artist to be explored by every musician and listeners.

I discovered this artist through one of his latest releases which is named High Go Down which surely is my favorite track from his discography. This artist is truly something that will take you to the highest of the heights with his ecstatic musical abilities. The track has some electronic melodies that will surely captivate your heart. His vocals are ecstatically pleasing and written with beauty. The music will make you feel weightless, floating trough the thin lining of reality and illusions. His hypnotic vocals surely cast a charm on the listeners enchanting them to his spells. Surely one of the best tracks I’ve come across this month. This is surely a highly recommended track for anyone who likes to listen to deep music laced with groovy vocals.

This is a perfect track to drink and dance to. The raw feels of the emotions is surely a rollercoaster ride. Do give this track a go.

You can take a little sneak-peak of High Go Down by Joshua Martin here-

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