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Mars Togaia – Scorpionic |Smooth R&B Vibes
Mars Togaia – Scorpionic |Smooth R&B Vibes

Mars Togaia – Scorpionic |Smooth R&B Vibes  

Mars Togaia is an amazing singer, songwriter, and musician from Atlanta, Georgia. Her music is a blend of alternative R&B and modern pop with a little hint of acoustic soul and hip-hop. Spending a lot of her childhood in her parent’s homelands in Jamaica and The Bahamas, Mars is still connected to her roots and has an earthy aesthetic.  

Mars Togaia recently debuted with her single called “Metanoia” and is back with yet another smooth R&B masterpiece called “Scorpionic”. Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a soft picking on an electric guitar with an 808-sounding bass and a pad. This creates an amazing atmospheric ambiance. Soon the vocals of Mars kick in with a hip-hop style beat and 808 bass. The melody is so sweet and soothing and with acoustic guitar backing up the melody with chords, the song becomes even more beautiful.  The airy feel in Mars’s vocals and her trained voice singing vocals riffs so effortlessly are the highlights of the song. The song has perfect R&B vibes blended with hip-hop and hints of soul. The beats pause in the bridge section, leaving just vocals and pads to do their magic. The song ends in a very soft manner that just steals your heart.

 “Scorpionic” is a beautiful song that has a lot of little details that can only be heard. Mars Togaia is a phenomenal artist that has just started her musical career and is going to go place. It’s highly recommended to listen to her new song “Scorpionic”. 

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