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Chic Chameleon – Doomed | Heaven
Chic Chameleon – Doomed | Heaven

Chic Chameleon – Doomed | Heaven

Chic Chameleon is an ardent musician and singer/songwriter from Canada. He is extremely fond of dream pop and is an independent artist. His music seems so modern and new to the generation.

Chic Chameleon’s EP “Doomed” was released in 2022, consisting of four songs. Each song in the EP is different from one another but the whole vibe is persistent. Samtree is the first song on the EP and it is a very unique song right from the beginning. It starts with a bassline and a chorus guitar that is double layered. Apart from its dreamy vibe, the song has a fascinating drum beat and chord progression. It is the perfect song to listen to while driving a car in the rain.

Dreaming of Heaven is a song that eternally defines itself. From the music to the melody everything is so perfect and on point. The song starts with an organ sound with an incoming acoustic guitar. The wobbly guitar tone fits right into the melody of the song. The double layered vocals do the trick here with the amazing voice of Chic Chameleon, the song feels so alive.  

Nobel Lies is a song that contains a lot of elements and that gives a certain depth to it.  With an amazing guitar tone in its intro, the first chord sets the whole vibe of the song. The simple drum roll lifts the song with the chorus guitar in the background. As the song goes forward different layers of instruments add up which is a classic move by the artist. 

The song Doomed by which the EP is named has an interesting start with a slow eerie type of pad with the subtle fade in of the guitar and drums is a different approach from the rest of the other songs. The drumbeat is also unique and stands out to the listener. The amazing voice of Chic Chameleon is the heart of this song and has remarkable depth to it. Doomed is a song to listen to at 3 in the morning. 

Doomed is an EP that is so well produced and written by the genius Chic Chameleon. The songs have an aesthetic feel and a dreamy vibe that transports the listener to some alternate world.

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