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(((S)))) – Maverik |Soothing
(((S)))) – Maverik |Soothing

 (((S)))) – Maverik |Soothing 

(((S)))) is an unnamed, anonymous, and mysterious artist from Copenhagen, Denmark. Boredom made the solo project (((S)))) come to life in 2009 with a debut album named “GHOST”. His next album “PHANTOM” was released in 2010 and was a whopping success with radios like BBC supporting it. With the elements of alt-rock with electronic sounds combined, (((S)))) has very unique and original music. The mysterious artist can be dubbed the batman of the music world, he lives in the dark and prefers to stay that way. 

(((S)))) has released a lot of music that defines his career and after spending more than a decade in the music scene, he has become a master of his art. He is back with another full-length album named “Maverick”. It has ten wonderful songs and has a run time of about 34 minutes. 

Talking about some of the songs and their ingredients on the album in detail. The first song is called “Mama, Do You Think It’s Gonna Rain All Day?”. It is a very interesting title for a song and seems like it’s been named from a childs perspective. The song starts with a guitar riff and rhythm followed by high hats on drums. Soon a guitar lead helps the drums to enter and combining all the elements, the song has a perfect intro. The vocals begins soon and they are quite layered and harmonized, giving the song a retro vibe. The melody is well built on the base of the chord pattern. The song with a big instrumental section and (((S)))) singing “Mama, Mama” in the chorus. The whole structure of the song is very simple and basic; there is nothing too fancy or complicated, making it an amazing song. 

Another song in the album is called “Ballet of The Wolves”. The song starts very abruptly with a drum beat, electric guitar, and a lead that sounds like a cello. The whole arrangement seems like an alt-rock style blended with modern pop. Soon the airy and atmospheric vocals kick in with a beautiful melody. The song lifts up when the chorus comes in, it sounds so dark and gruff. “Ballet of The Wolves” is a song to listen to at 3 am in the morning. 

(((S)))) has made an amazing album and all the songs have a different feel and story. It is highly recommended to listen to the album once. 

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